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Talmassons is a center of agricultural and artisan tradition, located in the center of a plain rich in spring waters, called “Middle Friuli”, which is characterized by the typical rural peculiarities of Friuli and itineraries allowing to admire its landscape, the flowing waterways and the stars, thanks to the presence of an astronomical observatory.

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Muzzana del Turgnano

Muzzana is a characteristic village of the Bassa Friulana (Low Friuli) located between the mouths of the Cormor torrent and the Turgnano river, from which it takes its name. Thanks to the presence of some lowland woods which are the remains of an ancient forest, Muzzana del Turgnano is of particular environmental interest.

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Carlino is represented by cultivated areas, woods, the river strips of the Zellina and Cormor rivers and the Marano lagoon. Walking in nature and on the ancient Romea Strata Aquileiense is something simple and natural that leads to the discovery of ourselves.

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Palazzolo dello stella

Palazzolo is crossed from north to south by the Stella river, the main navigable resurgent river in the area. Starting from its mouth, it is possible to have a tour on a small boat and reach the picturesque port of Rivarotta, which is simply a unique place.

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Bertiolo includes the fractions of Pozzecco, Sterpo and Virco. There are numerous cycling activities and farms in the village, with a strong preponderance of viticulture: a true expression of the area’s character. Among vineyards and ancient trees, the trail in Bertiolo offers unique landscapes.

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Marano Lagunare

Marano Lagunare

Marano Lagunare is a historic fishing village that has been a territory of the Republic of Venice for almost 400 years. Its history is visible in every aspect of the town: from the architecture, to the traditions, the dialect and the cuisine. Marano is also the starting point for discovering the lagoon: an area of ​​extraordinary scenic beauty that is home to unique fauna and flora of great naturalistic value.

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A suggestive place characterized by historic villas, parks, churches, ancient frescoes and crossed by a ditch. Ronchis and the neighboring fraction of Fraforeano are more than worth stopping by during a cycling tour. These gems will not fail to amaze you.

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