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Food and wine excellences: an invitation to stop by. The cuisine of this territory has always been simple, in the sense that it does not include elaborate dishes and sophisticated preparations, but it focuses right on taste. Along the way you will have the pleasure to discover the tradition of wines and homemade food, and why not fall in love with it.

Madonna della Neve Farm

This farm located in Precenicco and founded in 2012 counts about 120 hectares of land and borders the Stella river, just a step away from the itineraries of Stella, Boschi, Laguna. The production of the farm is entirely organic and includes about 50 hectares of Prosecco Doc and Pinot Grigio Doc vineyards; while the rest of the vines are kept organic. Madonna della Neve has therefore been certified Organic since 2015.

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Agriturismo Pituello

Their motto? There is no agriturismo without a farm. The farm Il Soreli was born first, dealing with the cultivation, breeding, production and processing of products that are subsequently sold and enhanced by Agriturismo Pituello: a unique place where you can relax surrounded by nature.

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Società Agricola Paulitti

Paulitti is a family-owned farm, which has been producing quality seasonal flowering plants since 1992. The farm has undergone an expansion in 2010 with the installation of a photovoltaic system and a biomass boiler, making the farm 100% self-sufficient as far as energy production is concerned. In 2021, Paulitti built the first plant in Friuli Venezia Giulia for the cultivation of organic Spirulina: an algae with multiple beneficial properties.

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The pleasure of stopping by

Local products and authentic flavors of the territory

A territory of excellence. Journey throughout the products and flavors of the cycling itineraries.

Stay, and discover them all.


On the clay banks of the Stella river, the De Giusti Stefania farm grows a particular variety of pumpkins, giving origin to Anaxum which, thanks to the extraordinary nutritional properties of pumpkin seeds, obtains several 100% natural products. A stop on our tasting itineraries.

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Ca’ del Lovo

Tenuta Ca’ del Lovo, in the Marano Lagoon, offers its guests an extraordinary experience in the fascinating natural setting of the fishing valleys. Numerous activities are on offer: sport fishing, horseback riding, fruit and vegetable harvesting in the organic garden and workshops in the educational and social farm.

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The furnaces of the Zarnic

Agriculture, in addition to fulfilling its primary function, with the diversification of the obtained and processed products, is able to provide secondary services useful to the community. The activities of the farm include indeed dining, agricamping and educational/social activities.

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Bertagnin Virginia Farm

Virginia Ranch was born from the Bertagin Virginia farm, first during the early 90s in Veneto and later in Friuli Venezia Giulia. The company breeds horses, cultivates barley for the production of high quality craft beer and offers farmhouse accommodations. In addition to carrying out rural, breeding and equestrian activities, the company is also an Educational and Social Farm.

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Società Agricola Sterpo

The Sterpo agricultural company, in the homonymous Friulian village of Sterpo, after over 50 years of activity today processes about 15,000 quintals of trout every year (rainbow trout, flour trout and char) into fresh fillets, hamburgers and other local delicacies, which are the flagship products of the brand la Sorgente del Gusto.

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Not far from the Roman town of Aquileia and Palmanova, a historic fortress city founded in the 16th century by the Venetians, you will find the municipality of Pocenia. In this area of ​​the province of Udine, near the Friulian Riviera, vine cultivation finds its ideal territory; so much so that ​​the excellent Friuli DOC wines are produced right here.

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Loner Organic Farm

The Organic Farm Loner gave birth to the Mela Bio project, producing and selling apples via retail and wholesale channels. The company produces apples of the Gala, Pinova, Golden, Braeburn, Fuji and Gold Rush varieties which are partly processed into apple juice, cider, vinegar and apple jams.

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Agriturismo La regina del bosco

This ancient manor house of medieval origin wrapped in a mysterious legend is surrounded by woods and an ancient vineyard dating back to the late nineteenth century. Breakfast is served in a large room with an ancient hearth, while there is a tasting room and a cozy living room with armchairs where you can relax by reading a book or having a nice conversation. Horse-drawn carriage rides to fascinating natural places, boat trips on the Stella river along Villa Badoglio, Villa Otello and the regional aquarium of the local sea life management organization and night trips to discover deer, herons and wildlife are organized.

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Grossutti Farm

On the land of Bertiolo, the Grossutti farm has been cultivating its grapes for over a century on over fifteen hectares of fertile land. In all these years the company has been engaged in the production of quality wines aged in barriques and bottles.

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Ghenda Fausto Farm

On the lands of Marano Lagunare, the Ghenda Fausto farm cultivates its lands with vineyards. Hence the Ghenda wine lines which, thanks to the extraordinary properties of the soil, are scented like the breeze that caresses the vineyards and tasty like the water that surrounds them. One of the must-stops on our tasting itineraries.

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Corte Tomasin Fvg Extra-virgin Olive Oil

The extra-virgin olive oil of Friuli Venezia Giulia is produced by Corte Tomasin: a third generation family business that decided 10 years ago to be one of the first to start cultivating olive trees for the production of high quality extra-virgin olive oil in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. The proximity of the company to the sea and the presence of freshwater springs have created the perfect environment for the growth of healthy and prosperous olive trees.

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Comuzzi Farm

The Comuzzi farm owned by Comuzzi Renzo has given birth to Birra San Giorgio, a line of craft beers with a unique and distinctive flavor; a unique taste able to recall the values of the territory in which it is produced.

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Zucco Marina Farm

High quality products with an unmistakable genuine taste. “Agriculture is the art of waiting.” A motto that can tell different stories of the territory of Stella, boschi e laguna, and that goes perfectly with the traditions upheld by the Zucco Marina farm.

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Tenuta Dibelgrado Farm

The Tenuta Dibelgrado farm was founded near the banks of the Tagliamento river and along the Varmo river: a meeting point between the High and Low plains of Friuli. The company, whose location is made favorable by the proximity of the Tagliamento river and the springs, can count on a land rich in nutrients which allows the cultivation of excellent products with a unique taste, in the almost twenty exclusively family-run hectares of Tenuta Dibelgrado.

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Trattoria Agristella

The goodness and quality of the home-made dishes that can be tasted at Trattoria Agristella are ensured by the simplicity and intensity of the flavors of Friuli. The Trattoria Agristella, located on the banks of the Stella river, is surrounded by the natural landscape typical of the Low Friuli.

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Battaglia Farm

The farm owned by Battaglia Claudio breeds dairy cattle, guaranteeing high quality products with an unmistakable genuine taste.

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La Sisile Farm

Latteria Biologica Friulana is the brand under which the organic farm “La Sisile” distributes its certified organic cheeses and haymilk. “Our daily commitment is to produce quality dairy products in Turrida di Sedegliano, using only organic raw milk from our cows and selected and guaranteed raw materials.”

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