STAI Stella Boschi Laguna

PSR 2014 -2020

The STAI project “Stella, Boschi, Laguna: a natural and rural territory, identity as a resource” was qualified for funding within the Rural Development Program for the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia as a Cooperation strategy for territorial development.
The Municipality of Muzzana del Turgnano leads the Project by collaborating with 53 other partners including 11 Municipalities of the Bassa Friulana, 9 institutions and 33 companies. The twelve Municipalities have undertaken the creation of an integrated tourist circuit through mobility-enhancing interventions such as the renovation of existing routes, and the creation of rest areas and moorings along waterways.

The many partnering companies, mostly located near the Circuit, have invested in the project specifically by improving company productivity and the local tourist offer. Completing the program are activities of animation, promotion and popularization of the land, aiming to develop in all respects the scope of the Project.